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About Us

The "It's Not A Game" brand represents having a relentless mentality to accomplish any goals or dreams that takes commitment. I always carried the relentless mentality throughout my life and in everything I achieved such as college, sports, business, job interviews, building my credit, etc. Throughout my life growing up I ended every accomplishment and also throughout the grind that "its not a game." Felt inspired to share this brand with others. We all can be great at anything we set our minds to. If your aiming to buy a house? Completing your degree? Aiming to become a wealthy? If your aiming to become the best parent to your kids? Your doing it because it's not a game. You can apply this brand to so many scenarios in life. If your serious about something, wear your "it's not a game" t shirts to represent your relentless mentality to never quit until you accomplish your goals. We are all Kings or Queens so let's claim it.